CommsTransform™ is a digital transformation roadmap. Purposeful Relations conducts an in-depth audit and analysis of your existing technology, culture and working practices to identify where technology and new professional practice can revolutionise your performance.

Our team assesses your people, processes and technology products to create a roadmap to new and more effective processes and workflows.

According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella the COVID-19 pandemic meant: “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months”

For many communications teams and agencies this meant rapid deployment of new technology on a reactive and piece-meal basis to solve immediate problems. It was tactics ahead of strategy simply to survive.

CommsTransform™ analyses where you are today and your existing investments in technology and people to establish your baseline and identify opportunities for development. This can be better use of existing technology, opportunities to save money, new technology that will benefit you or new service ideas to provide within your organisation or to sell to clients.

We benchmark your people, processes and products with what is available on the PRTech, CommTech and MarTech markets, and against global capabilities and skills for communications and public relations professionals.

CommsTransform™ helps you create a robust strategy to put you ahead by utilising the most effective technology and latest professional practice.

CommsTransform™ provides actionable insights for improving your use of existing technology, streamlining and improving workflows, new technology to enhance performance and essential professional development and training in skills and capabilities.

CommsTransform digital transformation roadmap

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