See you in Sofia for the AMEC Summit?

Generic stock photo of Sofia.

The Purposeful Relations team Is again off to the AMEC global summit. The AMEC Global Summit 2024 on Measurement‘s theme is ‘Innovation, Implementation and Insights: The Global Communication, Data, Measurement and Evaluation Journey’. It’s in Sofia, Bulgaria and runs from the 21-23 May.

We’re in Sofia for the whole week so have time for meetings on Tuesday and Friday morning.

This year’s event will focus on communication reputation, innovation, implementation, and strategy.

The most intriguing session is by Jim Macnamara, Distinguished Professor in the School of Communication at the University of Technology Sydney. Jim intends to “impart one-third of the knowledge required for a PhD in evaluation of public communication in less than one hour”. Jim is always a great speaker so I’m looking forward to this one.

AMEC global summit 2024 on measurement agenda

Other speakers and sessions include:

  • LinkedIn sharing new research and metrics from LinkedIn as they align to marketing and communications best practices.
  • ICCO’s Andras Sztaniszlav and Rob Morbin on a fascinating global campaign.
  • Northwestern University on an integrated measurement framework for marketing communications and sponsorship.
  • James Hewes, the new CEO of the PRCA.
  • Raina Lazarova, Co-Founder and COO of Ruepoint, will moderate a panel on AI, copyright and misinformation.
  • André Manning, Director Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Tata Steel in Europe will give a keynote on how data and measurement matter in the boardroom. André has led comms at Phillips and where measurement and data were critical to his success and “saved” him in the boardroom.
  • Tina Mccorkindale, The Institute for Public Relations, President and CEO will speak about using insight to combat disinformation in increasingly polarised societies.
  • The panel on M&A: Leadership at the heart of threats, opportunities and operationalizing research has three excellent experts – John Croll, Co-Founder & CEO, Truescope, Mazen Nahawi, Founder & CEO, CARMA, and Sandra Macleod, Group CEO, Echo Research.
  • Sven Winnefeld, Strategy Director, AI at Hotwire will talk about influencing AI chatbots as they increasingly influence stakeholders.
  • Matt Painter, Managing Director of Ipsos Corporate Reputation will share insights from its 2024 Ipsos Reputation Council report on the trends, challenges and issues confronting communications leaders.
  • Kyle Mason, Head of External Monitoring – Corporate Relations, Shell plc will discuss with Allison Spray, Managing Director, Data + Analytics, H+K Strategies, the pros and cons of buying a ready-made solution compared to building your own proprietary solution.
  • Kosta Petrov, Founder and Managing Director, P World will talk about understanding reputational risks in the era of permacrisis.

In the evening Stuart and Tim will be breaking out their ‘Prom’ glad rags for the Bulgarian Prom themed gala dinner.

Let us know if you’re going and we can either meet up over drinks or set up a meeting.

Photo from Pexels by Manuel Torres Garcia.