Speaking about AI in PR at the Davos Communications Summit

Davos Communications Summit 2024 banner

Purposeful Relations co-founder Tim Bailey is speaking about AI in PR at the Davos Communications Summit on 12 June. He is on an expert panel exploring ‘AI-Driven PR Strategies and Best Practices’ covering topics. The panel will explore:

  • Implementation of AI in PR campaign design and execution
  • Cutting-edge platforms and advancements in AI technology and their potential impact on communication
  • Benefits and challenges of AI integration in PR workflows
  • Successful case studies of AI-driven PR strategies

Other speakers include Paul Holmes, founder and chair of PRovoke MediaRaina Lazarova, cofounder and COO of Ruepoint and newly elected chair of AMEC; Mary Beth West, senior strategist, Fletcher Marketing Services; Professor Sharon Bowen, Artificial Intelligence Institute, University of South Carolina, Global Strategic Communication Consortium.

AI in PR at the Davos Communications Summit

The Davos Communications Summit 2024 starts at 2pm CET (or 1pm GMT) on Wednesday 12 June. Registration is free.

Purposeful Relations co-founder Stuart Bruce sits on the global executive committee of the Davos World Communication Forum Association.