Catch up and get ahead in AI for communications. 

AI for communications didn’t start with the launch of ChatGPT. The Purposeful Relations team has been using and advising on AI for communications, PR and corporate affairs for many years.

AI impacts the whole organisation and the Purposeful AI team can help you identify the reputational risks of AI and introduce corporate wide policies to maximise opportunities and minimise risks. 

Our Purposeful AI practice can help you improve performance and productivity by: 

  • Auditing your tasks, activities and workflow to identify where AI can help you.
  • Advising on the most effective AI tools and CommTech tools.
  • Integrating existing and new tools to automate work and reduce costs.
  • Training and developing your team to make the most effective use of AI and CommTech.
  • Cultural transformation to help colleagues and clients embrace AI and CommTech.
  • Ongoing and ad-hoc support and advice to identify new tools and professional practice to ensure you stay ahead of competitors and peers.
AI Audit

We identify your existing tasks, activities and workflows to identify how AI and communications technology can be used to improve performance and productivity. 

AI Tools and Integration

Our team is assessing new AI tools every day and will advise you on which tools to adopt and which to ignore. We have direct relationships with the CEOs and founders of many specialist communication technology tool and service providers.  

Our development team can help you to integrate existing tools and new tools to ensure you reap the maximum rewards.  

AI Training 

We providing training and development to your team to ensure they know how to use AI tools effectively. We provide training on AI tools such as ChatGPT, Claude, Microsoft Copilot (when launched), Midjourney, DALL-E and more. 

AI Advice

We provide ongoing support and advice to help you make the most effective use of AI tools and communication technology. The space is constantly changing so we help you to stay ahead of your competitors and peers.  

AI for communications. 

Book a PR Futurist workshop with our co-founder Stuart Bruce. Stuart will explain what AI is and cut through they hype to identify the opportunities and risks of AI. He will share practical examples of how you could be benefiting from using it and some of the tools available.  

Stuart Bruce keynote speaker at Davos photo

AI Briefing for your organisation

Book our three hour briefing for you and your organisation. We cover all aspects of AI as it will impact your work, offering advice and providing a forum in which to discuss the challanges you face.