Purposeful Measurement

Consistently, in study after study measurement and evaluation is identified as one if the biggest weaknesses of the communications and public relations sector.

PR and communication measurement is more important than ever. Purposeful Relations has the expertise and experience to help you transform your approach to measurement and analytics.

The Purposeful Relations’ approach to measurement and evaluation recognises that it is far more important than simply proving the value or ROI of communications and public relations.

The real value in using data and analytics to understand and plan to ensure you do the right things; and to make them an integral part of your work to ensure that you are consistently getting better with incremental improvements. By focusing on using measurement to add value to what you do you, rather than simply show what you’ve achieved, you will then have more value to evidence. Effective measurement helps you to achieve more and ensure communication is focused on outcomes and business impact.

We recognise that real public relations measurement isn’t just inward looking and focused on corporate metrics, but also on a company’s wider relationships and impact on society.

Our measurement and evaluation practice is led by Stuart Bruce, who is one of just five AMEC fellows in the world, as well as being a chartered public relations professional who as a CIPR director chaired its measurement and evaluation task force.

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Measurement and evaluation services

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Playbooks, frameworks and dashboards

There is no silver bullet to solve the communication measurement and evaluation challenge. Every organisation has unique objectives, challenges culture and resources. We use robust methodology based on global best practice from AMEC, combined with academic theory and decades of experience to help you create measurement playbooks, frameworks and dashboards that work for you.


The Purposeful Relations team audits your existing measurement practices and measurement and monitoring tool stack. We provide actionable insights to optimise and improve your approach to communication measurement and evaluation.

Reputation and relationships

Traditional approaches to communication measurement and evaluation focus on campaigns and are usually related to sales, recruitment or other short-term objectives. Purposeful Relations recognises that much public relations, corporate affairs and corporate communications work focuses on intangible assets such as reputation and relationships. We help you to use data, analytics, measurement and evaluation more effectively for all aspects of public relations and corporate affairs.


Successful measurement and evaluation needs to be embedded throughout the corporate communications team. It isn’t something the ‘numbers’ person can do while the rest of the team continues to work the way they’ve always done. The Purposeful Relations team delivers measurement training all around the world using face-to-face masterclasses, remote workshops and self-paced computer-based learning.