Public affairs planning and measurement

Houses of Parliament photo

We worked with the public policy team of one of the world’s largest technology companies to develop a new planning and measurement playbook. It wanted to standardise its approach to planning public policy across multiple countries in order to improve processes and track progress. The new playbook enabled public policy teams to set measurable objectives and track them using qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators.

Measuring government communications

Measuring governemnt communications photo

We worked on behalf of the UK Government Communication Service to deliver training and provide expert counsel to the Prime Minister’s and Cabinet Ministers’ offices of the Ukrainian government as part of the UK foreign aid programme to upskill civil servants. The programme was to help it create a professional framework for the measurement and evaluation of government communications at a cabinet level and for individual programmes in every government department.

Future of government communications

Future proof government communications photo

We ran a series of workshops for the communications leadership team of one of the world’s largest intergovernmental organisations to identify the technologies and trends that would have the biggest impact on its work. Technologies explored included AI, AR, VR, metaverses, digital humans, deepfakes and big data. These all need to be part of its digital transformation preparation and plans.

Measuring corporate communications

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We worked with a $20 billion conglomerate with more than 100 operating companies in sectors as varied as finance, telecoms, mining, retail, energy, metals, real estate, agriculture, transportation and engineering. It was a challenging brief to create a standardised measurement and evaluation framework for its communications and public relations at a corporate level and across all of its operating companies in the EU, CIS and USA. The operating companies had multiple contracts with CommTech, PRTech and MarTech suppliers in different countries.

Please note that we are a new business, so all of these cases and experience were conducted by members of the Purposeful Relations team in previous roles as consultants or contractors.