Purposeful Relations’ purpose is to advance the future of the public relations and communications profession by helping it use the most advanced technology and best professional practice to improve its impact on business and organisational objectives.

We believe it is important to contribute more to the world than we take from it. We believe that purpose and profit are two sides of the same coin. A commitment to the environment, society and good governance are hallmarks of a profitable business.

Ethics are our bond. Collectively and individually, we are members of several professional and trade bodies. Each has its own professional code of conduct, all of which share common themes such as truth, honesty and integrity. We comply with these codes, and local ethical standards, in all the countries we work in.

Sustainability is not a choice, it is a requirement. As a new business, we aim to play our role in ensuring we are as sustainable as possible. Our advice to clients considers sustainability and environmental impact.

Diversity, equality and inclusion aren’t just buzz words but are fundamental to the future of society. As two white male founders, we recognise our privilege and endeavour to continually strive to improve representation in our recruitment, suppliers and clients. Our advice to clients considers diversity, equality and inclusion.

Philanthropy is more than simply donating some money to charity. We believe it must mean more and be matched by deeds. We provide pro bono support to relevant charities and campaigns.